connecting communities

6G is an internet service provider positioned at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Using new, future-proof technologies, we supply superfast broadband services to the UK’s commercial and residential consumer markets.

Governed by Ofcom and adhering to the broadband industry’s code of practice, 6G’s unique network is constructed of wired and radio telecommunications that permit greater access, scalability and the rapid deployment of internet solutions from the single residential user to1000 + enterprise level users.

Fuelling innovation, we invest one third of our profits back into our R&D programme to ensure that our products and services remain ever-evolving within the telecommunications playing field.

Working with local councils, chambers of commerce and social housing providers, 6G Business is an active supporter of the government’s digital inclusion strategy and is an accredited partner of the Super Connected Cities voucher scheme for businesses.


6G Business delivers corporate level internet services for companies who demand unparalleled network resilience, scalability and security 24/7.

Reinforced by 6G’s flexible service level agreements, our private communications network helps our clients manage thousands of business critical services each and every day. As a result of our continuous in-house research and development program, 6G business clients benefit from Gigabit connectivity through our Air Fibre product range.

6G know that pioneering telecommunication services help to attract new businesses and retain existing ones, stimulating nationalised economic growth and localised urban regeneration along the way. With new technologies come new skills, ideas and growth opportunities for those businesses who wish to push the boundaries and keep ahead of the competition.

We help business to achieve this by:

  • Reducing overheads
  • Improving customer interactions
  • Enhancing communication both internally and customer facing
  • Establishing a global internet presence
  • Future-proofing your business
  • Implementing cloud services
  • Securing disaster recovery safeguards
  • Saving time and cut costs by introducing video conferencing
  • Experiencing the benefits of remote working and virtual offices
  • Meeting government guidelines


6G Internet has an established history of providing competitively priced superfast broadband services direct to the residential consumer market.

As such we are fully aware of the challenges that come with dealing with real world customer scenarios.

Our purpose-built network allows customers to benefit from future-proof broadband connections in locations which other providers can’t supply, revolutionising the way Britain accesses the ‘fourth utility’ – the World Wide Web.

We recognise that the key drivers for successful online engagement are:

  • Providing ease of access for users
  • Understanding motivation and associated barriers
  • Establishing levels of trust including online security
  • Promoting personal development and wellbeing
  • Value for money of packages
  • Peace of mind with service guarantees and UK-based support


As the government’s Digital by Default strategy drives the nation to get online, an opportunity to tackle the issue of social inclusion and bridge the digital divide has been created.

It is imperative that responsible social housing providers look at innovative ways of meeting these challenges to encourage tenants to become digitally connected as all governmental transactional services including welfare benefits go fully online.

6G has the knowledge, social understanding and technical expertise to work seamlessly with housing associations and government channels to help them comply with the legislation coming into effect and position end users at the forefront of this digitally connected world.


An online community ultimately underpins economic growth, therefore it is in everybody’s interest to create a socially and digitally connected nation.

6G actively build partnerships with responsible providers based around welfare and social strategy reform.

We know that every housing provider has their own social and financial agenda but reducing overheads and increasing communication between departments and tenants remain paramount.

Our revolutionary network provides tenants and housing associations with the ability to make a positive step towards achieving this goal.

Numerous business drivers include the ability to:

  • Communicate with tenants more extensively than has been possible in the past
  • Keep up with welfare reforms
  • Relate important notices via a web portal
  • Provide online training incentives that upskill tenants and allow them to take of advantage of the digital world
  • Have staff utilise tablet technology while conducting on-site visits
  • Reduce overheads by providing access for all housing services and Universal Credit facilities to be available and transacted online
  • Achieve the digital inclusion strategy at a low cost/risk